JJ Peil is a senior music education major (with a minor in Spanish) from Middletown, Ohio.

“I have been studying piano since the age of 9, choosing to play because I had always loved listening to music and was fascinated by watching others perform. I originally wanted to play the violin, but my mom made me learn piano first – a wonderful choice, looking back now.

“One of my fondest memories at Ball State has been traveling to La Escuela de Música Sinfónica in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica with Dr. James Helton to teach music and translate for elementary and high school students. I’ve also enjoyed performing, learning with, and accompanying the Ball State University Singers in concerts and Spectaculars.

“I chose Ball State specifically because the music education program was so highly recommended by my former high school band director. She went to Ball State as an undergrad, and strongly encouraged me to seek out and visit this program in my journey to become an educator. I know now that I have absolutely made the right choice!”

📷: Eryn Calfee