Jian Shang is a doctoral violist.

“My name is Jian Shang, and I was born and raised in China. I then moved to the United States to study music and just finished my second year of the Doctor of Arts degree in viola performance here at Ball State. I started playing violin when I was four. In the beginning, my mom was the one who recommended me to learn violin, but my passion for viola grew as I was seeing violists perform in the beautiful grand halls – the viola sound is so beautiful! I came to Ball State University because I wanted to study more with Professor Zoran Jakovcic. I have studied with him since I moved to the United States for my master’s degree, and I could not ask for a better mentor. This past year I was a graduate concerto competition winner, so I got to perform the Stamitz Viola Concerto with my fellow colleagues. I felt like all my hard work paid off when I was playing on the stage.”