Jesarela Villarreal is a sophomore from Wauconda, Illinois pursuing a duel degree in music performance and music media production.

“Singing has been my form of expression since the very beginning. I never fully studied what my voice does or what it is capable of until my vocal fold was diagnosed with a polyp. This small bump paused certain college plans and goals while creating moments of self-discovery. Life consists of many elements that allow us to grow, and although I may never understand the purpose behind my personal struggles, I am a firm believer that God has written out my purpose.

“Ball State has created so many memorable moments that involve the Christian Campus House, Ball State University Singers, and the opportunity to keep growing as a performer with phenomenal professors! I enjoy my private lessons with Dr. Kosin, practicing in the practice rooms, rehearsing endlessly for every Singers performance, and jamming in Studio C with 48Voltz. Ball State is more than just memories, but it is part of a million stories that future generations will also experience. I look forward to the memories that the future brings, and every moment of every day!” 📸 @dzellidesign