Jeffrey Clark is a Doctor of Arts candidate from Forth Worth, Texas.

“I am in the third year of my doctorate in Music Theory and Composition, with a secondary in Emerging Media Design and Development. I’m originally from Fort Worth, Texas, but I’ve lived in a number of different states over the years. I moved to Indiana from Georgia, and I was in New York before that. I grew up in a very engineering/technology-oriented family, so I’ve always had a strong interest in computers and electronics. I’ve been trying to integrate music and technology as far back as high school. The whole STEM vs Arts thing never made sense to me – they’re so entwined. Most of my research at Ball State is in computer music, and my music-making is done through VisualStudio and Max/MSP. Mostly though, I’m an enabler, and I collaborate with other musicians to apply technology to their music in new ways. 

“The pandemic restrictions have been a really interesting time for us and have really pushed people to embrace technology and really experiment with how we make music. Working with Central Recording Services (CRS), I developed some experimental recording methods for our large concerts at the end of last Fall. We ended up doing some things that we had never done before, and I even wrote some custom processing to tie all the tech stuff together for the webstream audio. It was really exciting to see it all come together with the choirs and orchestra!”