Erin Denson is a senior voice performance major from Kokomo, Indiana.
“Some of my fondest memories at Ball State are with my private teacher Yoko Shimazaki-Kilburn. I’ve gone through so many vocal changes over the last two years thanks to her guidance. I will never forget being in a Hargreaves practice room doing warmups and having a breakthrough with my voice and running to her studio to show her. She gave me a lesson right then and there so that we could solidify the progress! That was the moment I finally felt proud of my instrument and that I was where I was supposed to be.
“I actually originally started my undergrad at a different university and chose to transfer to Ball State because it was a way better fit. Every music school and music student is different and it truly isn’t “one size fits all.” This is definitely something that more incoming students should be aware of! Ball State is where I feel the most comfortable, the most welcomed, and the most encouraged to better myself personally, academically, and musically. I have been so proud to call Ball State my home these last few years and will carry that pride with me after I graduate.”