Emily Arndt is a senior music education major from Centerville, Indiana.

“I joined band and choir in elementary school and pursued both through high school. With two music teachers for parents, music was always present in my life. My parents joke about how my first childhood games involved matching music note flashcards, but the truth is that music surrounded me. As a result, I began singing in choir in fifth grade and joined beginning band as a hornist in sixth grade. I’m not sure that any one thing inspired me to begin singing or playing music, but more that it didn’t make sense for me to not have music in my life.

“As I get ready to student teach next semester, I get to end my choral experiences here at Ball State with the Holiday Choral Concerts. These are always impressive, spectacular organizations of choral music that demonstrate the best Ball State University Choirs have to offer. Some pieces you can look forward to hearing include Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” and an interesting rendition of “Deck the Halls.” I’m looking forward to this concert as a bookend to my experiences with the School of Music in an intimate concert setting that culminates my work here.” 📸 @dzellidesign