Elizabeth Crawford, professor of music performance. Dr. Crawford teaches applied clarinet lessons, pedagogy, and literature. She also performs with the Musical Arts Quintet and has been teaching for over 30 years. This is her 14th year at Ball State University and she recently received a Fulbright Award to teach in Portugal next March!

“I love the opportunity to work with all the wonderful young people who come through my office door each day! I do my best to teach them about music and the clarinet, but I find it equally important to be a role model for my students through their struggles and triumphs. There are a lot of life skills that can be applied to teaching music and I try to instill those when I feel it’s needed.”

Dr. Crawford is also an organizer for A Powerful Force: Women in Music conference.

“This conference has become international in scope, which is more than I ever imagined! I am thrilled to get to meet the 50+ scholars and performers (out of 122 applicants) who will be gracing that stages of Sursa and Hahn Halls this week. The inspiration came from two places. First, 2020 is a very important year for American women as it’s the 100th anniversary of the ratification of 19th amendment to the Constitution, giving women the right to vote. Imagine, it’s only been 100 years! Second, I wanted this conference to be a platform in which to highlight all the great things women have done and are doing in music. I have wonderful colleagues in the School of Music, but I really wanted the women in the School (and elsewhere) to be the focus of this gathering of talent. While this was my idea, I could NEVER have pulled this off without the help of Dr. Heather Platt! She has been fantastic!”
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