Dr. Caroline Hand, assistant professor of music performance and associate director of bands.

“I’ve always known I wanted to teach music, but, early on in my undergraduate career, I wasn’t sure in what area. Thanks to some great mentors at my undergraduate institution, I was given some opportunities to rehearse and conduct at a summer band camp and also to rehearse and conduct our second band at the school. These experiences fueled my passion for and love of the nature of community music-making in an ensemble setting, particularly bands. The students at Ball State make being a professor here the most enjoyable aspect of the work. Really, it’s hard to use the word “work” when I talk about all the things I do at Ball State, particularly rehearsals. That aspect of my job is never “work;” it’s a joy and challenge I look forward to daily! Students at Ball State have a sincere and non-defensive approach to continually find ways to better themselves as musicians, artists, and humans during rehearsals. They challenge me to push myself in those areas with their dedication. It’s a huge responsibility and a huge honor.”
📸: @jkwcreative