Daniel Porter is a professor of Music Media Production.
“I am a drummer/percussionist and audio/music producer by training but pride myself on having performed as a multi-instrumentalist in nearly every genre within various groups/bands on tenor ukulele, electric bass, piano, hammered dulcimer, vocals, and Irish/Latin/African hand drums. After a failed attempt at saxophone in early middle school, I sparked an interest in music the summer before high school when my mom agreed to buy me a small drum kit only if I joined marching band and took private lessons to learn how to play. This was all inspired by a ‘Stomp’ style performance on trash cans by the high school percussion class at my freshmen orientation. It wasn’t until applying for undergrad at Ball State that I learned of music technology that would lead to my career as an audio/music producer!
“I attended Ball State for my undergrad and am now starting my eighth year as an associate lecturer. As an alumnus I have such fond memories of practicing vibraphone on sunny days outside on the Emens loading dock as well as burning through all-nighters in the MMP recording studios. As a faculty member, one of my favorite memories was the development of the student-run Beneficence Records nonprofit label and the release party in Indy for their first vinyl LP drop, ‘Records For A Reason, Vol. 1.’
“I regularly teach the online Music Business survey course MMP 100, immersive learning project Cardinal Music Group, and often take on independent studies and Honors Undergraduate Research Fellows who are interested in graduate level music biz management. Cardinal Music Group is my favorite, but I’m biased since I created it. CMG immerses students into real world partnerships with Indiana musicians and music focused nonprofit arts organizations from all across the state with the goal of empowering Hoosier music. Learn more about it at our Ball State Foundation page and consider contributing to our February crowdfunding campaign to be a part of Indiana’s burgeoning arts & culture scene!”