Voice faculty member Dr. Cynthia Smith is in her first year on faculty here at Ball State.  

“Currently, I teach 1:1 applied voice lessons at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I love teaching voice lessons. Tailoring each class to the needs of the singer and watching growth in skills and musicianship in my singers is incredibly rewarding. Celebrating successes, both large and small, makes teaching a great match for me. Everyone is so helpful and kind to new faculty here at Ball State and campus is a beautiful place to be. I’m a Ball State alum, having earned my Doctor of Arts (DA) here.   

“Some other interesting facts is that I’m a Fulbright Scholar and had a musicology award in Basel, Switzerland. Additionally, I previously lived and worked in India where I taught western music at KM Music Conservatory in Chennai for almost five years. One of my passions is tea and I make a delicious masala chai!”