Sophomore music education major Connor Granlund is from Indianapolis, IN. 

“I started playing trombone when I was in fourth grade, ten years ago! My parents were my main inspiration behind starting, as they are both band directors. I was lucky enough to have my mom as my elementary music teacher/middle school band director and my dad as my high school band director. They have been present in every aspect of my musical life and have served undoubtedly as my biggest inspiration! 

“My favorite memory of Ball State thus far has to be performing at Dizzy’s Club last month with Ball State Jazz 1. This was a trip that had been in the works since before I even started school here, and the process and experience that came with preparing two sets of music to play at one of the most famous jazz clubs in the world will be something I never forget. 

“I came to Ball State for the music education program. Both of my parents attended Ball State for music education along with many of their colleagues, so I knew that the MusEd program here was very strong. Outside of that, the ensembles and faculty here are fantastic and very knowledgeable!”