Christoph Thompson is the assistant professor of music technology – recording engineer, and co-director of the Ball State Music Media Production program. Dr. Thompson is also the division coordinator of the Music Production Boot Camp at this week’s Music for All Summer Symposium.

“The camp is a great way for students who are interested in becoming a recording engineer or producer to get their feet wet. Since it is an intense eight hours a day in-the-studio experience of tracking, mixing, and producing, the students will get a good idea if this is what they want. Between the pro-bands that the students record, the workshops with Avid and Ableton instructors, and foremost the recording sessions with Chuck Ainlay, this is likely any High School student’s dream summer camp! We designed the camp to give the students an authentic learning experience and to establish the basic skills that students need to take their production skills to the next level.” 📸: @jkwcreative