Chase Malcom is a junior music education major and his major instrument is the trumpet.

“I’ve learned so many things since the start of my education, much of which I never would have anticipated. I am so much more of a well-rounded musician than I ever hoped of being. I never thought I would be the player I am today. In terms of teaching, the biggest thing I can say is that I finally feel like a teacher. Last semester when I was doing field teaching for middle school general music, I felt like I was finally at the point where I felt like a real teacher. Obviously, I have so much left to learn, but I feel like everything is finally starting to fall in place. Ball State has taken me from a senior in high school who thought he knew everything to a junior who knows he has a lot to learn. Other than that, I think the happiest moment of my Ball State life is meeting my boyfriend/love of my life nearly two years ago.”
📸: @jkwcreative