Ceven Webb is a senior music education major.

“It’s so hard to pick a favoriteBall State memory. Joining the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and getting to traverse college as a first-generation student with the support of 70 brothers has to be one of the best memories I have, and one of the reasons I’ve managed to stay engaged and active in college life thus far!I’d also say that my first concert with the Ball State Chamber Choir was one that I had looked forward to since my first day on campus as a freshman in the fall of 2017. The level of skill and finesse that the group performed with then, and have maintained during my involvement, is truly awe inspiring! I also love my involvement with the Ball State Office of Orientation and Admissions. Being able to interact, guide, and assist incoming freshmen students and their family members as they navigate college life brings me fulfillment and has introduced me to a plethora of future references, experiences, development and friendships that will last a lifetime.”