Senior music education major Casey Mitchell is from Solsberry, Indiana.  

“My musical journey began 10 years ago when I picked up the clarinet in the 6th grade. I initially joined band to be with my friends, and while I enjoyed band throughout middle school, it wasn’t until I joined marching band in high school that music and band really resonated with me. I not only fell in love with making music, but I also became a more compassionate, hard-working, and diligent person. I experienced what it meant to be a part of something much bigger than myself. I became completely absorbed with the moments where I got to make and share music with others, so I joined all of the extracurricular ensembles that I possibly could. My love and passion for music has since grown, molding me into who I am and serving as a driving force in my life. I have been involved in Wind Symphony, Campus Band, The Pride of Mid-America Marching Band, and the basketball bands at Ball State. I hope to one day create for my students this same sense of community, camaraderie, and passion for music that I have had the privilege of experiencing. 

“My undergraduate experience at Ball State has provided me with endless impactful memories and experiences. The most influential part of my time here has been my opportunity to be a member of @united_sound, an organization that provides musical opportunities to those with disabilities through peer mentorship. Every rehearsal, concert, and zoom meeting for United Sound the past three years has embedded within me the importance and joy of music education. The emotions I have felt seeing our musicians create friendships and make music with others is indescribable. It has been so inspirational and humbling to be a part of providing musical opportunities to those who may never otherwise experience performing or learning an instrument alongside peers. I have been a mentor to several musicians in United Sound, but I guarantee that they have taught me more about friendship, humility, inclusivity, and the importance of music than I ever could have taught them.”