Carolyn Kelley is a senior music education major, hailing from Kokomo, Indiana and will be graduating with the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Music.

“In elementary school I joined a local children’s choir which started my love for music of all kinds. When I got to middle school, I wanted to try band–a new kind of music to me. My family already had a flute from my mother’s college years so that’s what I played. It turned out to be the best match for me!”

“The entrepreneurial program here has helped me develop a realistic perspective about the business side of being a musician. I’ve learned a lot about how to make my product (my musicianship) desirable and profitable–and not to be an undiscovered musician waiting forever for their break. I’ve also learned a lot about myself by taking the courses in the program. I’ve learned more about my musical style, my artistic vision, and how I operate in daily life as a human. All of these can help me be more successful as a musician in the 21st century.” 📸 @dzellidesign