Doctoral student Caroline Nardino is from Curitiba, Brazil.     

“I have been studying voice for 14 years. I always liked music and always spent the afternoons in my bedrooms listening to music. At one point during my high school time, I discovered heavy metal and one of the styles combined heavy instrumental players with a classical singer. I fell in love and wanted to start my band, so I started voice lessons. I had to learn classical voice technique to be able to sing the things we were playing in the band. I started to learn classical repertoire and opera and I could not leave that world anymore! 

“My first performance at Ball State was with my husband, who is a pianist, at Sursa Hall in the Voice Area Recitals that introduced all the GAs. I sang 3 Brazilian songs, it was very special for both of us. This semester I am participating in opera and will be singing the Mother in “Amahl and the Night Visitors” by Menotti. My favorite thing is to be able to make music with other people again. It is so much fun and I missed it very much!”