Camber Flick is a first-year master’s student studying oboe with Dr. Lisa Kozenko. Camber is originally from Mendon, Illinois, and did her undergraduate work at Western Illinois University where she double majored in music education and oboe performance.

“My greatest experience so far at Ball State has been performing Dvořák’s Te Deum in Emens Auditorium last November with the Ball State Symphony Orchestra. Due to Covid-19, all of our ensembles have had to adapt and as a result we’ve been able to play a lot of great chamber music! However, being able to fill the stage with a full orchestra while the choir stood spaced out in the auditorium was an empowering and hopeful experience. While it is not the exact same experience that I had dreamed about in 2019, I am extremely grateful for my colleagues and professors who work together so that live music is still a possibility and that I can still perform in high quality ensembles! I am extremely lucky and proud to be attending Ball State University.”

📷 Darby Rumler