Brody Wadkins, a sophomore music education major from Fort Wayne, IN.

“I have been playing tuba since 6th grade, so for about 8 and a half years. My father is a band director and growing up I was always at marching band rehearsals and shows. My parents had me start taking piano lessons before kindergarten, and although I never enjoyed practicing, I loved being able to make music. When I got to middle school, my father didn’t make me join band, but actually gave me the choice. Of course, I decided to join because it had been part of my life since before I could remember. It was now my opportunity to be a part of it instead of just watching others.

“My fondest memories at Ball State so far have been making music in chamber music settings. I am surrounded by music all the time and am able to experience the ability it has to move and entertain others when performed by a group of motivated and talented individuals. I am lucky to get a chance to frequently play with such groups!” 📸 Dominic Zelli