AnneMarie Kelly is a freshman percussion music education major, from Warsaw, Indiana.

“My experience at Ball State has positively shaped me in a variety of ways. I have performed in various ensembles such as the Drumline in the Marching Band, Symphony Band, and Percussion Ensemble. All of these ensembles have individually taught me to be confident and persistent. From this, I have so much more passion for what I want my career to be later on down the road.

Performing in Percussion Ensemble 1 (PE1) has been one of the most difficult, yet rewarding experiences so far during my time here at Ball State. I’m learning some of the most challenging repertoire I have ever had the privilege to play and it has pushed me to be much more intentional with how I practice and approach music as a whole. I feel like performing in PE1 has also pushed me to become a lot more confident in myself as well as my abilities as a musician which translates to every part of my college experience. I have so much passion and fire for music and music education that has been fueled by my teachers and fellow colleagues through all the various ensembles that I take part in, especially PE1. I am so incredibly excited for my future as a percussionist and overall personal achievement as a performer and educator here at Ball State”

📸: @jkwcreative