Dr. Andrew Crow is the director of choral activities (Ball State University Choirs). Dr. Crow was born in Fort Wayne, but his family moved away when he was young and grew up around the Midwest: Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky.

“I had no notion of becoming a conductor until I was in my late twenties. Honestly, one significant experience that led me to the podium was an aggravating negative experience with a choral conductor. My frustration showed me how much I cared about the music and the experience of the singers. I decided that I needed to either leave that ensemble or take the necessary steps to get onto the podium so that I could do things in the way I felt they should be done. At the point I decided that this would be my next career path, I had zero conducting experience, not even a beginners’ conducting course! Yet I already received some providential experiences and found opportunities to then follow a beneficial path to doing what I do now.” 📸: @jkwcreative