Dr. Alan Alder is the director of the University Singers and also teaches MUHI100.

“My favorite part of my job is directing the University Singers because it is much more than just the singing and dancing…the other facets such as leadership training and working with the technicians, costumers, and instrumentalists are all very fulfilling. It is extremely satisfying to witness students who have had limited experience in leadership develop into strong leaders – they develop skills and realize talents and capabilities that they did not know were there within themselves. And then are able to utilize them once they have graduated and join the work force. Many become teachers and go on to lead very successful choral and instrumental programs, and others who are not music majors benefit from the experience as well.

“I love the creative aspect of my job, but I also really enjoy the collaboration with my students. The University Singers is not an organization that I alone lead and teach; we all work together to create, develop, and cultivate what our audiences see and hear. I love getting to step back and watch them perform on the @emensauditorium stage and see the results of their hard work come to life. It is inspiring and gives me hope for the future of music education and performance.

“I’m sure that most people who see me or interact with me can tell that I am not the typical “college professor;” I am a “what you see is what you get” sort of person, who believes that my students should SEE me to KNOW me. When they know me, there is trust, and we can CREATE TOGETHER. More personally, I am married, and my husband Thomas is an international platform artist and director of education for RUSK hair color. We have a daughter, two grandchildren (Chloe and Avery), and a cat named Mimi.”