Abbie French is a sophomore Spanish major minoring in music. She is a member of the Ball State Symphony Orchestra and Ball State Campus Orchestra.

“My parents are both musicians, so music has always been a big part of my life. In fact, I would say that being a musician has always been a given for me. Rather than thinking of music-making as an activity, a hobby, or a skill, from a very early age music was introduced to me as just another part of living life. When my extended family gets together we almost always sing or make music together. Many of my family members are very talented musicians, but even those who are “not musical” participate and sing with us. The truth is, none of us care if you are good at singing or not, we just enjoy making music together. This has shown me that music can be for anyone. Whether its singing along to the radio, messing around on the guitar or jamming with friends, anyone can make music, not just the professionals or the people with talent. Although I don’t plan to be a professional musician, I know that I’ll keep music in my life, because I honestly don’t know how to live without it.”

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