Dr. JoAnn Rediger received her Bachelors degree from Taylor University in 1971; her MMEd degree from James Madison University in 1981 and a DA from Ball State University in 1994. She recently retired after many years of service to Taylor University as the choral director. Dr. Rediger answers questions about her experience from Ball State University.

Where are you originally from and what major were you when you attended Ball State?

Born and raised in Anoka, Minnesota, I majored in music education with piano emphasis at Taylor University.  After completing a Masters degree in music education with organ performance emphasis at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I earned the DA in Choral Conducting at Ball State University in 1995.

What opportunities attracted you to Ball State?

While serving as organist and minister of music at First United Methodist Church in Marion, Indiana, I audited Dr. Amman’s conducting class at BSU to brush up skills.  Dr. Amman persuaded me to take another conducting class and ultimately to pursue the doctorate in choral conducting.

What are your fondest memories at Ball State? Any teachers at Ball State who influenced your career path?

Studying with Dr. Linda Pohly ingrained high standards in the classroom that I have maintained through my career. Dr. Pohly taught with innovation and compassion and challenged me to prepare thoroughly and strive for excellence in teaching and conducting at the university level.

My experience as Dr. Amman’s graduate assistant taught all aspects of rehearsal and performance, touring and classroom teaching.  Doug and Jean Amman and my husband and I continue to enjoy socializing together.

Congratulations on your retirement from Taylor! Would you mind sharing with us some of your plans for retirement? 

Having served as organist at First Presbyterian Church in Hartford City for ten years, I continue to enjoy providing music there and now have more time to practice the world’s great music for organ and look forward to more opportunities to perform.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Grandchildren are top priority now as we enjoy them in our home several weeks during their summer vacations. Music has been important since I began piano lessons at age nine.  I love to practice and perform.

     What advice would you like to share with future graduates Ball State?

I have found that there is no gain in short-cuts and no benefit in half-hearted work. I suggest to young people that if they hope to fly in their work and personal lives, their greatest preparation is to accept the highest standards and always strive for excellence.  Success is the pursuit of excellence, all the time, in every situation.