The School of Music held its annual alumni reception at this year’s IMEA Professional Development Conference in Fort Wayne. At the reception, we asked alumni to share their favorite memory from Ball State. Below are some of our favorites!

“Elizabeth Meloy, theory professor and fondly called ‘Betty Back.’ I sailed through the first year of theory with A’s, but when I was in second year with Miss Meloy I was doing horribly. She came to a recital I was singing in and on my next homework assignment she wrote, ‘I don’t know how someone who sings so beautifully is so bad at theory’.” – Jan Morris 

“Fondest memory was getting the advice that I STILL use today from jazz professor Larry McWilliams. He told me, ‘Cole, don’t worry about none of that stuff. Just do the gig!’” – Patrick Cole, ‘88 

“Graduation; helping Dr. Scagnoli move in on a hot, hot summer day.” – Tim Johnston, ‘86 

“Chamber Choir tour in 1995.” – Alison Wessel, ‘97 

“All of it.” – Timmy Barnett, ’14 & ‘18 

“Chamber Choir trip to British Columbia.” – Daniel Arndt, BS ’93, MA ‘01 

“Singing at the Notre Dame Cathedral with Chamber Choir.” – Emily Smith, ‘02 

“Rehearsing with the Pride of Mid-America on the beach in St. Petersburg for the bowl game three days before Christmas in 2012.” – Amanda Lester, ‘14 

“Playing songs on the water glasses at Woodworth during lunch with the other music majors.” – Laura Arndt, BA ’92, MA ‘01

“Meeting my future husband and still teaching music together!” – Nicole Johnson, ‘01

“BSU Bands Halloween Concert in 2009.” – Cathy Huber, ‘11

“Burris Apprentice Teaching.” – Kierstin Berry, ‘07

“All the great ensembles I played in and all the great friends and future colleagues I met there.” – Mark Middleton, ‘85

“Meeting my eventual wife!” – Matthew Carnagua, ‘07

“Meeting my wife in Dr. Miller’s voice studio!” – Greg Johnson, ‘01