Peter Douglas is a second year doctoral candidate studying Piano Chamber Music and Accompanying with a secondary in Music Theory. Originally from Dalton, Ohio, Peter attended the Long Island Post Chamber Music Festival in July 2018 held in Brookville, NY.

           “Attending the festival broadened my repertoire as a chamber musician. I played piano in five different chamber groups and performed as the sole pianist in an alumni concert, accompanying several alumni. The repertoire ranged from standards such as Haydn’s “Gypsy Trio” to a “Long Island premiere” of the Trio for Flute, Alto Saxophone, and Piano by Steve Cohen. The breadth of repertoire helped me further develop the skill of learning music quickly and defining the role of piano in various chamber ensembles. I also served as a fellowship coach in the festival for the students ranging from late elementary to middle school. I coached the pianist in the second-tier orchestra, a violin-flute-piano trio, and a piano duet. This allowed me to develop my teaching skills and return to the roots of how to collaborate from the beginning stages.

   Overall, I had a fantastic experience at the Long Island Post Chamber Music Festival. I made a lot of meaningful connections with other musicians and enjoyed returning to continue working with the Pierrot Consort (the ensemble who served as ensemble-in-residence and chamber coaches in the festival). My favorite moment at the festival was the feeling of accomplishment after playing with my colleagues in the finale of Dohnanyi’s Piano Quintet No. 1 in C Minor. We really communicated throughout this performance, listened to each other, and reacted accordingly. The audience seemed to be captivated by our bravura.” – Peter Douglas