Erica Groth wrote about her experience with the 2018 Prism Project

“I have been in Prism Project for five years now. I work with a performer in the Cardinal Red group! I have worked with the same performer for four of those years. I was hooked my first year. It is very hard to put into words how awesome Prism Project is, but I’m going to do my best. My favorite parts occur in the Saturday’s leading up to the performance. That is where the magic happens. It is amazing to see everything come together at the performance, but part of seeing it come together includes watching the process of getting to the performance. This process is finding out what each performer is best at, and adjusting the scenes to really showcase that talent. The Saturday’s give us an opportunity to not only work on our dance, songs, or short plays for theater, but it gives the buddies a chance to get to know their performer, and vice versa. It is a time to figure out what each performer enjoys, how they are motivated, and what they do, or don’t, want to do. Each of those things are taken into account when deciding what to do when the performer is in the spotlight. It is an incredible process filled with ups and down, but the performance is always perfect. Prism Project has taught me many lessons. Most importantly, everyone has a special talent, it is just a matter of spending the time finding that talent and polishing it. This year we sang the song “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman, and I think that song describes this perfectly. I am very lucky to get to spend my Saturdays during Spring semester with some of the coolest kids I know.

I don’t know if this helps explain the incredible feeling I get when we are on stage and my buddy has the biggest smile on his face as he searches the crowd for his parents. Or the goosebumps I get when my buddy does all the moves we have been working on for weeks. Prism Project is something I am very proud of. It has given me a second family, great friends, and memories that could fill up a small novel. Only 281 more days until Prism Project 2019!! But who is counting?”