The Writers Community of Ball State is excited about words. We share our own poems, stories, and nonfiction as well as our favorite pieces from our favorite authors. We meet every Monday at 7 p.m. until about 8:30 in the Writing Center (291) in the Robert Bell Building of Ball State University. We have also put on a variety of Creative Writing events for the University, including the Undergraduate Writers Gala competition, faculty readings, and student readings. We invite any creative writing enthusiasts to bring their favorite works to a meeting or event.

The following is an interview with Writers Community member and officer, Elysia Smith.

How long have you been attending Writers Community meetings?

I have attended almost every meeting for this whole year.

What is your favorite part of the organization?

I really like how laid back everyone is–if you want to read something you can, if you don’t then you can just listen, or sometimes we just talk about whatever is important to us. It is nice to be able to talk to people who have different writing styles but still appreciate the craft as much as I do. Also, I’ve made friends with a lot of poets, which is new and exciting for me!

What are some of the authors/books you have learned about and really enjoyed through Writers Community?

Like I said, I have made friends with quite a few poets and they’ve sort of rubbed off. I really like reading Literary Magazines and McSweeny’s online now.

How has being a part of the Writers Community helped your writing?

I have learned how to be confident about my writing. I really represent the fiction genre, considering I’m the only one there (that I know of) that is focused on that area of writing. It’s interesting to apply a poet’s mindset to fiction writing and thus far, that has proved successful for me.

What has been your favorite Writers Community event and why?

I really liked that gala. It was exhilirating to stand in front of a large audience and read something I had written.

-Tyler Gobble