We’re #bsuenglish, a community of students, teachers, writers, poets, authors, and all-around lovers of English.

The English Department here at Ball State University has always seemed to be less of a department and more of a community. Here, we survive and thrive through each other; we’re a patchwork group of people from different backgrounds, diverse life experiences, truly all walks of life. What binds us together is our identical appreciation for the written word in all its forms, and as the written word becomes increasingly more present on digital media, the English Department has dutifully followed suit.

In order to better link together our self-made community, we’ve reached our students and faculty on all available platforms. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Check our weekly Storify to get to know our students and faculty directly, through their own words. We’ve digitized our community in a way that makes it accessible to everyone. We’re no longer just hanging out in the hallways between classes, or meeting with faculty members during office hours. We’ve created a constant dialogue for all lovers of English, and the blog is just one facet of that communication. Our regular features express how truly special our students and faculty are. Our Stars to Steer By posts pay homage to the hard work of our alumni and their endeavors past their time in the department. Our Grad School Confidential series gives our graduate students a voice to reassure grad school hopefuls, and to give insight into the transition from undergraduate to graduate student in a way no brochure or pamphlet can adequately explain. Our O Captain! My Captain! posts discuss the importance of professors in students’ academic lives, and how that influence extends far past graduation.

This blog was started in the spring of 2010 by an ENG 435 course. So many semesters have passed since then. So many students have graduated. But we continue to grow as both a department and a community, because with each passing year we gain an equal amount of fresh eyes and supportive alumni, a perfectly balanced combination of new students and old. Now the blog and social media are run by student interns, people who have all found a particular attachment to this digital hub that binds all lovers of the English language. We’re always growing, always expanding. Take a moment to sift through all of these platforms we’ve provided; experience our community for yourself.