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    Seven Reasons to Study a Foreign Language

    There are never enough hours in the day to do all the things you need to accomplish, let alone do all the things you actually want to do. Learning another language is often one of those items on your to-do list that tends to sit there until everything else gets done. Here are seven reasons […]

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    Why Should You Take the World Language Placement Exam?

    What is the world language placement exam?  The world language placement exam is a multiple choice test that will ensure your correct placement in college-level language courses.  The Department of Modern Languages and Classics requires all entering students who have prior knowledge of Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Latin, or German, who do not have dual […]

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  • Connecting Cardinals: Pedro Bassoe

    Dr. Pedro Bassoe, an alumnus of the Department of Modern Languages and Classics, recently accepted a position of Assistant Professor in Japanese at Purdue University, where he will be teaching Japanese literature, visual culture, and film, among other courses.  He took some time from settling into his new position to reflect about learning Japanese and […]

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  • Five Reasons Why You Should Study Arabic!

    There are so many languages in the world and not enough time to learn them all.  With all of the different choices, why should you study Arabic?  At first, Arabic may seem like a bold choice to learn, especially since it is vastly different that the languages you may already know, but the language may […]

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