College of Sciences and Humanities

The Compass Advantage Internship in Communications for AY 2021-22

aka “Student Project Managers” at 10 hours/week at $8 per hour

Seven appointments available in AY 2021-22. They may span one or two semesters; the length depends on your availability and how much you want to accomplish. Student interns receive pay for 150 hours of work for each semester at $8 per hr. Deadline for applications is Monday, 3/22/2021.

Job responsibilities will start in August 2021 and will include: serving the departments of:

1.) Anthropology

2.) English

3.) History

4.) Modern Languages & Classics

5.) Philosophy & Religious Studies

Our primary work involves helping departments create community and tell stories via these projects:

  • Weekly Digest Emails
  • Publicizing student success via Dean’s List
  • Cardinal Directions alumni blog posts
  • Good News blog posts
  • Promoting major events
  • Fundraising (such as OBSD)
  • Promoting courses
  • Celebrating student success via awards ceremonies
  • Alumni e-newsletters to be sent out at least 1-2 a year
  • Promoting faculty success via Sabbatical Talks
  • Telling bigger stories via mutli-channel campaigns.

Student Project Managers must attend all class meetings of ENG 375 which is tentatively scheduled to meet in F21 on MW at 3-4:15 PM; and other tasks as assigned.

Required qualifications:  must be a major in CSH, preferably Anthropology, English, History, Modern Languages & Classics, and Philosophy & Religious Studies; excellent writing, editing, and design skills; project management skills; ability to train and manage a small team; ability to interact professionally with faculty and students; ability to manage a blog on WordPress; experience using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a professional purpose.

Preferred qualifications: experience using project management software such as Basecamp; InDesign experience; photography experience; Adobe Illustrator experience; Photoshop experience; experience in the English department’s immersive-learning class, ENG 375 known as Jacket Copy Creative or Compass Creative or another Ball State Immersive Learning course.

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and the names of two Ball State references to Professor Kathryn Gardiner, Assistant Director of the Compass Advantage, Indicate your position/s of interest and articulate your qualifications.


Organizational Chart for Compass Creative

Student Project Managers (10 hrs week)

Campaigns Project Manager  

  • Often works alongside the Director and Assistant Director, but works alone and does not direct a team of students.
  • Oversees larger multi-channel projects, such as campaigns for recruitment and retention, awareness/education, large event promotion, entertaining themes, etc.
  • synthesizes information submitted from clients
  • Creates call-to-action and overall strategy
  • Creates content and schedule for posting/publishing
  • Sets SMART Goals for the campaign
  • Hands the “ready-to-implement” campaign over to the other project managers to schedule.

Social Media Team Project Manager 1

  • Runs the social media channels for English and History departments
  • Oversees routine and ongoing social media tasks, such as performing social listening and monitoring
  • Updating our content calendars.
  • Scheduling and posting new content to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Social media engagement.

Social Media Team Project Manger 2

  • Runs the social media channels for Anthropology, MLC, and Phil/RS departments.
  • Other duties same as above

Blog Team Project Manager

  • Blog post development and editing
  • Maintenance to WordPress sites, such as BQBI and Student History Conference
  • Scheduling posts and making sure the schedule is posted on our Content Calendar

Curation Team Project Manager

  • The curation team finds, organizes, annotates, and shares relevant and high-quality digital content on a specific topic for our audience.
  • This takes two forms:
    • Weekly emails to departments. 
    • Alumni e-newsletters

Design Team Project Manager

  • responsible for all digital (hallway digital displays) and non-digital (bulletin boards) display spaces we maintain.
  • creation of designed assets, such as posters, flyers, designed assets for social media posts, etc.

Channels Project Manager 

  • Works alone, not with a team of students
  • Submits our work via various communication channels: Sitecore, Comm Center, Outlook, ChannelsHD, calendars
  • Also responsible for Data Analytics, weekly audits, and SMART goals