College of Sciences and Humanities

The Compass Internship in Communications for AY 2022-23

aka “Student Project Managers” at 10 hours/week at $9 per hour

Seven appointments available in AY 2022-23. They may span one or two semesters; the length depends on your availability and how much you want to accomplish. Student interns receive pay for 150 hours of work for each semester at $9 per hr. Deadline for applications is Monday, April 11, 2022.

Job responsibilities will start in August 2022 and will include: serving the departments of:

1.) Anthropology

2.) English

3.) History

4.) Modern Languages & Classics

5.) Philosophy & Religious Studies

Our primary work involves helping departments create community and tell stories via these projects:

  • Weekly Digest Emails
  • Publicizing student success via Dean’s List
  • Cardinal Directions alumni blog posts
  • Good News blog posts
  • Promoting major events
  • Fundraising (such as OBSD)
  • Promoting courses
  • Celebrating student success via awards ceremonies
  • Alumni e-newsletters to be sent out at least once a year
  • Promoting faculty success via Sabbatical Talks
  • Telling bigger stories via mutli-channel campaigns.

Student Project Managers attend all class meetings of ENG 375 which is tentatively scheduled to meet in F22 on MW at 3-4:15 PM, plus a lab scheduled M 9-10:30 AM; and other tasks as assigned.

Required qualifications: excellent writing, editing, and design skills; project management skills; ability to train and manage a small team; ability to interact professionally with faculty and students; ability to manage a blog on WordPress; experience using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a professional purpose.

Preferred qualifications:  applicants who have taken ENG 375 with Prof. Gardiner and have experience in this unique immersive-learning class; applicants who have taken another immersive-learning course; applicants who are majoring or minoring in CSH, preferably Anthropology, English, History, Modern Languages & Classics, and Philosophy & Religious Studies; experience using project management software such as Basecamp; InDesign experience; photography experience; Adobe Illustrator experience; Photoshop experience; .

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, and the names of two Ball State references to Professor Kathryn Gardiner, Assistant Director of the Compass Advantage, Indicate your position/s of interest and articulate your qualifications. See red “PM” positions in the org chart below and check out the job descriptions.

Deadline has been extended! Apply! 

Organizational Chart for Compass Creative

Student Project Managers (10 hrs week)

Campaigns Project Manager  

  • Often works alongside the Director and Assistant Director, but works alone and does not direct a team of students.
  • Oversees larger multi-channel projects, such as campaigns for recruitment and retention, awareness/education, large event promotion, entertaining themes, etc.
  • synthesizes information submitted from clients
  • Creates call-to-action and overall strategy
  • Creates content and schedule for posting/publishing
  • Sets SMART Goals for the campaign
  • Hands the “ready-to-implement” campaign over to the other project managers to schedule.

Social Media Team Project Manager 1

  • Runs the social media channels for English and History departments
  • Oversees routine and ongoing social media tasks, such as performing social listening and monitoring
  • Updating our content calendars.
  • Scheduling and posting new content to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Social media engagement.

Social Media Team Project Manger 2

  • Runs the social media channels for Anthropology, MLC, and Phil/RS departments.
  • Other duties same as above

Blog Team Project Manager

  • Blog post development and editing
  • Maintenance to WordPress sites, such as BQBI and Student History Conference
  • Scheduling posts and making sure the schedule is posted on our Content Calendar

Curation Team Project Manager

  • The curation team finds, organizes, annotates, and shares relevant and high-quality digital content on a specific topic for our audience.
  • This takes two forms:
    • Weekly emails to departments. 
    • Alumni e-newsletters

Design Team Project Manager

  • responsible for all digital (hallway digital displays) and non-digital (bulletin boards) display spaces we maintain.
  • creation of designed assets, such as posters, flyers, designed assets for social media posts, etc.

Channels Project Manager 

  • Works alone, not with a team of students
  • Submits our work via various communication channels: Sitecore, Comm Center, Outlook, ChannelsHD, calendars
  • Also responsible for Data Analytics, weekly audits, and SMART goals