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An image of the Charles Brown Planetarium

Welcome to the College of Sciences and Humanities (CSH) blog!

Containing 16 departments, CSH is a diverse community. CSH students are writers, listeners, communicators, tinkerers, number enthusiasts, adorers of data, innovators, visionaries, and discoverers. Their research pushes boundaries and their immersive learning classes uplift the community.

This space will highlight the work of our students, faculty, and alumni. Our stories will include faculty interviews, research summaries, and alumni successes. The posts are divided into three sections: Student, Faculty, and Alumni; and are categorized by department.

The Student section contains posts about student research projects, immersive learning classes, and various interesting activities of CSH students. The Faculty section highlights new faculty, a Q&A series to get know our faculty on a deeper level, and their groundbreaking research. Lastly the Alumni section showcases the success stories of our CSH alumni.

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