What is the world language placement exam? 

The world language placement exam is a multiple choice test that will ensure your correct placement in college-level language courses.  The Department of Modern Languages and Classics requires all entering students who have prior knowledge of Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Latin, or German, who do not have dual or AP credits take the placement test if they plan to continue their language studies in these language areas.  The exam will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and will have grammar, reading, and vocabulary questions.  The test questions are completely randomized, so no two students will have the same test.  Each student is allowed one attempt per language.  After the test is finished, the individual student, the Department of Modern Languages and Classics, and the Banner system will be able to determine which class level is most suitable based on test performance and the rubric established by the department.

Note, even though we do not offer a placement exam for Arabic, we do offer courses in this language area!

Who should take the placement exam?

All students who plan to continue prior language studies in Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Latin, or German at the college-level should take the exam.

When should you take the placement exam?

All students taking the placement exam need to have a BSU student ID number.  Incoming freshman and transfer students should take the test at least two weeks prior to attending orientation.  Any student can take the placement exam, but it is strongly recommended that they take it at least two weeks before class registration begins to facilitate proper class placement.

Why should you take the placement exam?

You should take the placement exam to receive credit for all lower level courses you test out of!  Once you complete the course you test into with a “C” or higher, you will receive free credits on the knowledge and experiences you accumulated in high school!  Need another incentive?  World language courses numbered 102 or higher may apply to the University Core Curriculum (UCC).

Important information on the World Language Placement Exam (if you are currently a freshman):

  1. You can take each exam only one time.
  2. Each exam has a time limit. Make sure to read all instructions before you proceed with the exam.
  3. Each exam is approximately 25-30 minutes long.
  4. Your score will be kept on file for the duration of your time at Ball State.
  5. Do not take the placement exam if you transferred advanced placement credits or dual credits.
  6. To complete the World Language Placement Exam, go to my.bsu.edu and select “Canvas” in the middle of the page.
  7. Click on “Community: Modern Languages and Classics Placement Exams”.
  8. Choose which language you wish to complete the placement test for.

After completing the course you place into with a “C” or better you will earn the credit for all previous classes.  So it’s possible you can earn 4-14 credits.

If you are currently an upperclassman, you need to contact the MLC office at 285-1361 and they will get you added to the community group, then follow the above steps.  Have questions? Contact the MLC office!