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  • Dr. Chadwick Menning reflects upon a year of resilience in Sociology, looks forward to the new

    Masks. Distancing. Plexiglas. Zoom. To say that this past year has required adaptation would be a colossal understatement. Courses moved online, and instructors broadcast in-person classes from their classrooms to those who could not attend due to space constraints or quarantine requirements. In at least one case, the students were physically present, and the instructor […]

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  • Sociology Celebrations 2020-2021

    Dr. Mellisa Holtzman                             Congratulations to Dr. Mellisa Holtzman on the publication of her qualitative study, “Bystander Intervention Training: Does it Increase Perceptions of Blame for Nonintervention?” in the journal Sociological Inquiry. The study examines the degree to which college students hold bystanders accountable for preventing sexual assault.   Check out the abstract to her article!   John Anderson               Congratulations to […]

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  • Ball State offers new Health Humanities Minor!

    Ball State College of Sciences and Humanities is excited to announce a new, multidisciplinary Minor in Health Humanities! You’ve heard the phrases “good bedside manner” and “having a healing touch,” but how does one develop these essential healthcare traits?  Coursework in the humanities is a key component to success in the medical field!   Research shows […]

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  • Forty Years of Unity Week at Ball State

    “Unity Week aims to challenge perspectives on matters of diversity, inclusivity, and solidarity in an evolving social climate.” Since 1980, it’s done just that. For 40 years, Unity Week has remained dedicated to unifying the Ball State community through enlightening social, cultural, and educational events. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, we delved into the Digital […]

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  • Melissa Holtzman- Outstanding Faculty Award

    The College of Sciences and Humanities’ fifth – yes, you read that correctly – fifth faculty winner of the Outstanding Faculty Award series is Dr. Mellisa Holtzman of the Sociology Department, winner of the Outstanding Teaching Award. Dr. Holtzman has been teaching at Ball State since 2002 and in that time has won ten different […]

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  • Meet the Faculty Michelle Poole

    New Faculty: Michelle Poole

    Michelle Poole (MA, University of Toledo) is a new faculty member in the Sociology department. She has significant experience working with the disadvantaged in communities, from housing assistance for the homeless to rehabilitation programs from young offenders. She has a variety of interests that she cares passionately about, and she looks forward to incorporating those […]

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