J. Chad Kebrdle received his MFA in Creative Writing from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, CO in 2020, his Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Indiana University Kokomo that focuses on rhetoric and the teaching of college writing in 2011, and his Bachelor of Science in English from Ball State University in 1991. His research interests delve into the rhetorical nature of music. His poetry is inspired by Imagists such as Robert Frost and Ezra Pound in a style creating long mural-type poems that focus on images both light and dark inspired by the deep rural surroundings of his home.

What English classes do you teach?

I am teaching ENG103 Rhetoric and Writing this semester and am slated to teach that again next semester along with ENG285 Intro to Creative Writing.

What attracted you to teaching at Ball State?

I graduated from Ball State with a BS in English in 1991 and have visited the campus since then. I love the small town feel of a campus that has the amenities of a much larger campus.

How would you describe your teaching style?

Very interactive and entertaining. I am not a PowerPoint person (nothing against those that are). I want to have an engaging conversation in order to convey the message of a lesson.

What’s good advice that you might have for a student to succeed?

Do your work.

Talk to your instructor.

Especially in my class, if you just keep up with the work, you are sure to pass the class. If you have questions, ask me. It is when either of those things fall of that I see students slip off the point of no return.

Are you currently reading anything/any special projects you’ve been working on?

I usually have a handful of readings I am reading at a time. Right now I am going through a H. P. Lovecraft collection – currently on “The Colour out of Space.” (I am a huge horror fan)  I am also reading through a couple of poetry books by friends and colleagues. I am putting the finishing touches on a poetry book of my own and gathering tones and ideas for a songwriting project.

An interesting hobby you have?

I am the bass player for a Grateful Dead cover band that plays often in the Indianapolis area. I also love to cook.