ENG 389 is taught by Dr. Jackie Grutsch McKinney, a professor of Rhetoric and Composition at Ball State and director of the Writing Center. Her research focuses writing center studies, writing research, and composition pedagogy. She has written two books, Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers  and The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors, which have both received the IWCA Outstanding Book Award. She is currently serving as Past President of the International Writing Centers Association.

The class will be held from 9:00 a.m. – 9:50 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of writing theories? Would you like to learn how to give more extensive feedback on writing? Do you want to get hands-on experience in the Writing Center?

Then ENG 389 is for you!

What is ENG 389?

English 389 students explore the theories and practice of teaching writing and multiliteracies through classroom discussion of writing theories and pedagogies. Students engage with theories coming from writing scholars as well as scholars from other fields. Class discussion will center on the learning and writing theories involved with giving feedback on writing. Students will also have the opportunity to get familiar with common tools and resources for assessing and offering feedback on writing.

Class time will also include valuable hands-on tutoring experience in Ball State’s Writing Center. Students will get 20 hours of field experience in the Writing Center or a similar setting. All students will get a chance to observe, team tutor, and solo tutor in the Writing Center as part of the practicum. As part of the class, you will get to engage with your peers’ writing through both written and multimodal texts, giving them one-to-one feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, ENG 389 offers comprehensive and engaging experiences for students who enjoy learning, teaching, writing, and editing. If you’re looking for some valuable tutoring experience to build up your resume, this is the place for you!

And if you need another reason to apply: students who successfully complete the class will be given priority in hiring at the Writing Center in future semesters!

Who is ENG 389 for?

Everyone! The class is open to all majors; no prerequisites required and no permission needed. Anyone passionate about exploring ideas on writing and learning and improving their ability to give feedback is welcomed to sign up. Students interested in careers in teaching, editing, coaching, writing, and/or tutoring will find the class invaluable, but all students will benefit from the course discussions and hands-on experiences.

What is the Writing Center?

One of the major perks of ENG 389 is that its students are given priority for Writing Center hiring in future semesters. But, first, what is the Writing Center?

The Writing Center at Ball State is where students, faculty, and staff turn for writing support. Since 1959, it has helped thousands of Ball State writers through feedback sessions, workshops, presentations, writing communities, studio space, and online resources for writers.

The main center in Robert Bell 295 is the place for you when you need help getting a writing project started or are ready for feedback on your writing. They offer appointments for face-to-face, online, individual, or group sessions. Members of the Ball State community can have two free 50-minute appointments each week.

How do I apply? 

Sign up for ENG 389 through the my.bsu.edu portal today! You can contact Dr. Grutch McKinney with any questions at jrmckinney@bsu.edu. The class will be held from 9:00 a.m. – 9:50 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.