Paul Ranieri is a monument in the English department at Ball State. Beginning in 1998, Ranieri has held positions as interim associate dean, department chair, professor, and the director of Freshman Connections. He currently teaches Editing and Style (ENG 329) and History of Rhetoric (ENG 303).  It was in these classes that Sophia Lyons and Ben Sapet, junior rhetoric majors, came into their own as rhetors.  In their podcast, Lyons and Sapet detail their experiences under Ranieri’s scholarship and how it has contributed to their time in college.

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Raphael’s School of Athens – Updated by Ben Sapet & Sophia Lyons


A closer look

In the Fall 2019 semester, Dr. Ranieri will teach a section of ENG 444 in which students will analyze and evaluate their own experiences at Ball State. Seriously, take this if you can.