Welcome to the first “Retweet Rapport,” a weekly review of what #bsuenglish is talking about. Most English majors are introverts, and introverts hate small talk. We’d rather talk about more important things…

Like the weather!

You thought we just wrote and read books during snowstorms, didn’t you? Fooled you!

We also talked about jobs.

We had a great turnout for the first Stars to Steer By for Spring 2019!

Students in Prof. Cathy Day’s Career Class are tweeting about what they’re learning. How do you get a job with an English major? Follow the hashtag #bsuenglishworks.

We also talked about MONEY.
But don’t worry, we still talk about the stuff that really matters: words themselves.

Congrats to Elli Kirkpatrick for winning Tweet of the Week! You win a free book; go to RB 297 and claim your prize.

Who will win next week? Use the #bsuenglish hashtag and it might be you in next week’s “Retweet Rapport.”