By Eva Daniels

As the weather starts getting colder and a new year is upon us, it’s time to curl up with a blanket and a good book. And what greater way to start the holiday season than with some of the top books of 2018? Across all the top books lists, these were consistently ranked.


For fans of The Odyssey comes the tale of Circe, a goddess possessing the power of witchcraft. This mythological novel follows the journey of Circe as she is banished to a deserted island by Zeus. She finds herself alone, with the wrath of both the mortals and the gods. In a dangerous situation, she must finally choose between them.






Girl, Wash Your Face

Rachel Hollis pens this brutally honest self-development book, Girl, Wash Your Face, to guide readers away from the lies that they believe about themselves, and into the truth: that they can do absolutely anything they dream of. Readers describe this book as a wake-up call for those battling the lies that you need to have it all together to do meaningful work. If you want to kick self-doubt to the curb, this book is for you!



The Wedding Date

This contemporary romance novel follows the romance of Drew Nichols and Alexa Monroe, who coincidentally cross paths in an elevator. When Drew doesn’t have a plus one to a wedding, he asks a stranger who he gets stuck in an elevator with to pretend to be his fake girlfriend for the day. It goes much better than expected and they have a wonderful time. After the wedding, they go back to their normal lives, across the country from each other. Will their love survive the long distance, or will the distance tear them apart? Find out in The Wedding Date.





This powerful memoir depicts the life of Tara Westover, who at seventeen, having never been to school, taught herself all she needed to know in order to go to college. After hearing about the world beyond her survivalist parents’ ideals, she began her journey toward her own education and away from the isolation that her parents lived in. This gripping memoir explores the role of education and what it truly offers people. Westover recounts the trials and struggles that she faced in order to become who she is today.



The Immortalists

When a psychic comes to New York City claiming to have the power to tell people the exact day they are going to die, the invitation is too enticing for four teenagers. This experience helps shape the years to come, as the readers follow along each character’s story and what they have chosen to do until the day they die. As each character’s life unfolds, readers find out more and more about what the psychic has told them, how the psychic’s words have impacted their life choices, and most importantly whether or not the prophecy of the date of their deaths come true. Find out their destinies in The Immortalists.