starstosteerbytalkThe Stars to Steer By Lecture Series was created in order to help students pursuing a Humanities Degree find their way after graduation. 

Calling all Humanities Majors! Do you feel worried that you won’t be able to find a career in your field? Are you tired of people telling you that your degree is useless? Have no fear, the “Stars to Steer By” lecture series is here! The Ball State University English Department wants you to know that there are many things you can do with a Humanities Major.

“We treat college like it’s an identity store,” Professor Cathy Day said during her lecture, “Finding Your Way with a Humanities Degree,” which took place on August 30. She went on to discuss how one’s major should not define them as a person; the person should define their major and make it work in their own interests. Career coach Eilis Wasserman joined Professor Day in encouraging the Humanities Majors to have hope that they will be able to make a career for themselves. Professor Day and Ms. Wasserman state that the top 10 qualities that employers value are above all others are:

  1. Team Work
  2. Ability to Problem Solve
  3. Strong Verbal Communication
  4. Ability to Plan and Organize Effectively
  5. Ability to Obtain Information
  6. Ability to Analyze Data
  7. Technical Knowledge
  8. Computer Skills
  9. Ability to Create and Edit Documents
  10. Ability to Sell and Influence Others

All of these traits can be learned by majoring in the Humanities. You do not need a pre-professional degree in order to get a job.

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The next “Stars to Steer By” event is called “You Don’t Have to be a College Professor to Work at a University” and will be given by graduates with a degree in Humanities in Bracken 104 on Tuesday, September 27 at 6:30 PM. Speakers will feature Michael King, a Residence Hall Director, Lola Mauer, Associate VP of Annual Giving, Jim Mitchell, the Associate Director of the Career Center, and Brandon Pieczko, the Digital Archivist for Manuscript Collections, and Dr. Molly Ferguson, who will share information about how a graduate degree in English can help you find a career in higher education. The speakers will discuss their careers at universities which involve roles other than teaching. The Ball State University English Department hopes to see you there!