So far there has been a marked difference between my career as an undergraduate in Ball State’s English department and the beginnings of my graduate work. With more reading to do, as well as a whole new approach to learning, graduate school expects more of me, though I knew this would be true.

I knew that it would be difficult, but already I can tell it will be immensely rewarding.

Now almost a whole semester into my Masters in Creative Writing, I’ve been challenged to think about school in a whole new way, fostering my abilities as a teacher as well as a learner, due to my position as a graduate assistant.DSC00170

One specific difference between graduate and undergraduate studies has simply been the sheer amount of reading expected of me. My classes so far have, on average, required me to do almost twice as much reading, but as an avid reader this has not been difficult for me. It does however cut down on my Netflix time. Something that has been totally new for me has been my experiences thus far in the Writing Program. Working in the writing center, being a TA for an ENG 103 class, and really submerging myself in the theories and practices of teaching have been all new experiences for me. And yet, I feel prepared to face the changes.

Having spent four years at BSU gave me a familiarity with both the campus and faculty that eased the transition into graduate school, but it was still apparent that this new level of academia would push me to the limit. Having said that, I feel prepared to face the challenge. I’ve met some wonderful new people who I will be sharing this experience with. I have also reconnected with some familiar faces. Overall, the nervousness that I’m feeling about graduate school is vastly outweighed by the sense of excitement – like entering a whole new world. Here’s to BSU and hoping that the next two years continue fostering my growth as a writer. And discovering new writers and books is never a bad thing.