For years, we mailed a hardcopy newsletter to alumni.

Then, for awhile, we sent them a pdf newsletter as an attachment.

And now, in 2015, we have entered the digital age and launched an e-newsletter.

We call it (Re)Vision for three reasons:

  1. Our lives are always in a state of revision.
  2. This department is looking toward the future.
  3. We need your help to rewrite the value of an English degree.

We want to revise the way that many people in our culture feel about the value of an English degree.

As you may be aware, many in the national media question the value of a college education in general, and a traditional liberal arts education in particular. We want to keep in touch with alumni so that our current students can quite literally see all the things that an English degree can help them “be.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 5.24.41 PMFeatures of the newsletter:

  • In the navigation bar at the top, there’s a link to our Class Notes page. Please tell us what you’re up to! If your submission meets our editorial criteria, it will appear in an upcoming newsletter and on the blog.
  • There are also links to this blog, departmental events, our weekly Storify, our contact page, and a new giving page (in case you feel like paying it forward!)
  • Spring Forward: We’ve added a calendar of upcoming events so that alums and friends can come to our cool readings and lectures. You’re always welcome. Anything that’s on that calendar is free and open to the public.
  • Fall Back: Click through and see highlights of the semester via our Facebook photo albums.

This semester we featured stories like Achievements (like Mark Neely’s NEA!), a letter from the chair, new faculty, etc.

For Spring 2015, we’re planning to feature emeritus faculty, a “Where are they now?” series. Who would you like to learn about?

Even though (Re)Vision is an alumni newsletter, it’s really for anyone who wants to learn more about our department. It’s clickable, forward-able, share-able. If you read something you like, share it! 

If you didn’t receive it, make sure you’re registered with the Ball State Alumni Association!