Give a warm welcome to Rebecca Haynes.Rebecca Haynes

Rebecca is a senior English Literature major graduating in December 2014.

After graduation, she will be the Sales and Marketing Administrative Assistant at The Ford Meter Box, Inc.

Below, Rebecca talks about her path to employment.

How did you English major lead to your job offer?

As a Literature major, I learned to analyze and think critically.  Part of my job description includes editing and proofing flyers and catalogs.  It is important that I be able to say as much as possible with as few words as possible.  Having lots of experience with writing and communication is a great asset for this aspect of the position.  Part of the job entails working with co-workers and other companies to set up travel details.  Communication is crucial to ensuring all the flights connect and reservations are set.

What will a typical day be like for you?

Every day, you walk over water meter covers like these, made by the Ford Meter Box company.

Every day, you walk over water meter covers like these, made by the Ford Meter Box company.

On a typical day, I will be editing correspondence or other projects in preparation for publishing or mailing.

Once a week, the salesmen call reports are submitted and I will ensure that they are compiled and sent to the correct people.

I will also be in charge of the tours that are given at Ford and set them up with the tour guides as needed.

Everyday will be different depending what jobs need to be done and what tours, trips, or shows are ahead.

Do you have any advice for English majors who are trying to figure out what comes next in their career?

I would encourage English majors to look beyond the typically English associated careers.  Many jobs within corporations are looking for people who can communicate well and prepare information in an understandable format.

Another important bit of advice is to not shy away from a job just because it is not your dream job.  

I started at Ford on second shift making parts until I was moved to the offices.  There is opportunity everywhere for anyone who is willing to work hard!

Thanks, Rebecca! Good luck!

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