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In the latest installment of the “Good News” series, the Ball State English department highlights the accomplishments of our faculty and students up through the month of October.

That’s right. We have so much good news that we’re sharing it once a month rather than once a semester. Interested in September’s Good News? Check out that post here.

Angela Jackson-Brown

Mark Neely's upcoming Dirty Bomb

Mark Neely’s upcoming Dirty Bomb

Cathy Day

Mark Neely

Robert Habich published a chapter titled “Emerson, Thoreau, Fuller, and Transcendentalism” in the book American Literary Scholarship 2012: An Annual, edited by Duke University Press and published in 2014. AmLS is an annual volume containing review essays on various American authors and topics.  It’s been around for over 40 years and is one of the options for everyone in the American Literature section of MLA.  AmLS is also available online through the Duke University Press site.

Matt Mullins had videopoems screened and/or accepted at the following international festivals:

Frank Felsenstein’s piece on Rowlandson’s Peter Plumb’s Diary was just published via Eighteenth-Century Fiction, a journal of McMaster University. The piece was commissioned for a special issue devoted to eighteenth-century humor.

Ashley Mack-Jackson (center) with her husband Michael and her mother Denise at the Indiana Women of Achievement Awards dinner.

Ashley Mack-Jackson (center) with her husband Michael and her mother Denise at the Indiana Women of Achievement Awards dinner.

Ashley Mack-Jackson

  • Was accepted to the Callaloo creative writing workshops in London.
  • Recently accepted the Perham Scholarship, which is awarded to girls and women in all disciplines who demonstrate excellent leadership and academic excellence.

Nicole Pena

Lyn Jones was invited by the Education Honor Society Kappa Delta Pi to give a talk on “Re-Thinking Children’s Literature: Students Need To See Themselves In Books!”

Esther Wolfe accepted her award

Esther Wolfe accepted her award

Esther Wolfe’s paper entitled “‘Except that the haunted, hidden thing was me’: Using Critical Sociological Theories of Haunting in Paradigms for Transsexual Justice” was accepted to the Diversity Symposium, where she won the award for best LGBT presentation. Her paper was also published in Ball State’s very own Digital Literature Review last spring. She is a senior English/Literature major.

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