By Cathy Day, Assistant Chair of Operations

Let us consider the alumni magazine.

A few times a year, I receive my alumni magazine, and I always, always read it. I went to DePauw University (2000 students), and the magazine is called…wait for it…The DePauw.

A few times a year, my husband receives his alumni magazine, and he always reads it. He went to Wabash College (800 students), and the magazine is called…wait for it…Wabash Magazine.

A few times a year, you receive (in the mail or via email) your alumni magazine. You attend (or attended) Ball State University (currently 18,000+ students) and the magazine is called Alumnus.

Question: Do you read it?


Maybe you don’t feel the same attachment toward your alma mater that my husband and I do. How could you? We went to small schools. This is a large school.

What you’re attached to, most likely, isn’t your school but rather your department, your major, this building.

That’s why the English Department at Ball State publishes its own alumni newsletter. We want you to read it.

It’s called…wait for it…Department of English. 

A Digital Re-Christening

For a long time, Department of English was printed out and mailed.

Recently, it’s gone out via email as a pdf attachment.

But starting in Fall 2014, we’re going to send it out as an e-newsletter.

To inaugurate this change, we’d like to re-name the newsletter. Something creative. Something that–when you see the name–will fill you with longing and nostalgia!

My ideas thus far:

  • Sitting in the Hallway?
  • No Windows?
  • Brick?

Obviously, I’m horrible at coming up with names. That’s where you come in.

In a reply to this blog post, on Twitter to @bsuenglish, in an email to me, send us your idea for a catchy name for our new e-newsletter, and you can win fabulous prizes. 

You have one month. November 16.

Thank you.