Are you interested in furthering your education?

Whether or not you majored in English as an undergrad, learn more about the many benefits of a graduate degree in English at Ball State at an on-campus information session on Saturday, October 25, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

You might be wondering, “How can a graduate degree in English help me in the real world?”

It helped these people. Check out these stars to steer by.

  • Cole Farrell uses his creative writing degree in his career in marketing. 
  • Sarah Smith uses her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition on her job in business.
  • Jennifer Banning uses her M.A. General on her job as a Career Adviser at Earlham.
  • Nate Logan talks about using his M.A. in Creative Writing to get a PhD in Creative Writing.
  • Audrey Brown uses her M.A. in Creative Writing to get paid to write.


Registration only takes a minute. Get the information you need about graduate school before admissions deadlines in January. As an added bonus, if you attend this event, we’ll waive half of your $60 application fee.

And remember, three hours of your time could open new career paths for your future.

The English master’s and doctoral programs help students develop advanced skills in research, analysis, writing and critical and creative thinking. The award-winning and actively-publishing faculty at Ball State provide each student with a personal learning environment through small class sizes and individual interaction.

The seven master’s programs at Ball State include the following:

General English: Create a program that is both rigorous and flexible to build your skills in research, writing and critical thinking.

Rhetoric and Composition: Delve into emerging media and digital literacies while learning the historical and social significance of written communication.

Creative Writing: Explore the art and craft of writing through our innovative program emphasizing writing in multiple genres.

Literature: Develop versatile skills in research, critical analysis and analytical writing while discovering new works and revisiting beloved classics.

Linguistics: Gain insight into the structure, the diversity and the communicative properties of language and obtain a global perspective on communication.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): Build skills in teaching English to non-native speakers by exploring second language acquisition and pedagogical methods.

A combination of Linguistics and TESOL: Combine your interest in the teaching of language with a knowledge of its properties and significance.

Interested in a doctoral program?

We offer three options. Deepen your knowledge and hone your skills in the following subjects:

Applied Linguistics: deepen your understanding of modern and ancient languages while honing viable, employable skills.

Literature: gain an appreciation for literature as both a historical and an evolving practice.

Rhetoric and Composition: investigate the growing field of digital literacy and visual rhetoric.

The competitive teaching assistantships available in the nationally-recognized teacher training program or through the close association with the Intensive English Institute support most of the admitted students.

So, you’re interested in grad school, but you aren’t sure how to pay for it. Learn how to apply for an assistantship.

Every year, Ball State University offers more than 940 graduate assistantships. Full time assistants work 20 hours a week and receive a majority waiver for their tuition as well as a stipend determined by the department, while part time assistants work for 10 hours a week and receive a waiver for half their tuition as well as a stipend.

Grad Assistantship Brochure

There are three different broad categories of assistantships:

  • Research: assist your department with various research projects
  • Service: work in an administrative/office position
  • Teaching: instruct undergraduate students

Check out these additional perks.

More information about graduate assistantships will be available at the on-campus information session.

Register today so we can order a lunch for you. That’s right. You get free lunch. We hope see you on Saturday, October 25 at 10 AM in Robert Bell 292.

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