Dr. Mullins at book signing

This week we continue our series on the 2013 Outstanding Faculty Awards with Dr. Matt Mullins, who won the Creative Endeavor Award, which recognizes a faculty member for their involvement in the university’s creative arts programs and for their own creative achievements.

Dr. Mullins primarily teaches screenwriting, but he is also involved with interactive media projects, such as the website lit-digital.com. Dr. Mullins continually looks to expand his work through exploring new story forms. His piece titled “Our Bodies” demonstrates one of those story forms: video poetry.

For more information about Dr. Mullins and his award, see this great feature about him and his award on the Ball State website. For more about the other Faculty Award winners, see our recent blog post about Dr. Susanna Benko, and look forward to our forthcoming post about Dr. Darolyn Jones next week.