The Writing Program is pleased to announce the winners of the fall 2013 Writing Program contest. It was a very competitive field this year, as 46 students submitted essays and multimodal works for consideration. The Program also wishes to thank the 21 instructors who encouraged students to submit their projects. The following is the full list of winners, whose work will appear in the 2014-2015 edition of Ball Point!

101/103 Winners

First Place ($100):
“Breaking or Making the Mold”
Kristen Kamp
ENG 103—Mary McGinnis
This essay is a rhetorical analysis of Katy Perry’s “Roar” music video that incorporates outside research to support the author’s argument.

Second Place ($75):
“The Atheist Question”
CJ Edgecombe
ENG 103—Robbie Maakestad
This definition essay explores and contemplates the meaning of the term “atheist.”

Third Place ($25):
“Bike Lanes at Ball State”
Kara Linton, James Kellogg, Samantha Linnen, and Allie Kolz
ENG 103—Diane Mooney
This is a collaborative essay that argues for the creation of bike lanes on the Ball State campus.

Multimodal Prize ($50):
“The Story of Stephen Person”
Taylor Vennewitz
ENG 103—Elisabeth Buck
This short video incorporates the story of the author’s uncle to persuade viewers of the dangers of drunk driving.

Honorable Mentions:
“Personal Mapping Essay”
Erica Paschel
ENG 103—JoAnne Ruvoli
This multimodal composition explores “black on black crime” through an interactive Google map.

“Hunger and Poverty in Delaware County”
Emily McKibben
ENG 103—JoAnne Ruvoli
This is an observational photo essay that explores the needs of children and adults living in Delaware County.

104/114 Winners
First Place ($100):
“Jaywalking: Obedience and Conformity in Low-Pressure Situations”
Penny Saltsman
ENG 104—Maria Staton
This IMRAD study reports on observations of jaywalking behavior at a BSU intersection.

Second Place ($75):
“Supp with Supps?”
Jordan Edwards
ENG 104—Jeff Frawley
This argumentative reports on dangers of dietary supplements with possible solutions.

Third Place ($25):
“Annotated Bibliography for Deforestation Project”
Aaron A. Cross
ENG 104—Jeff Frawley
This is an annotated bibliography with source information, including significance and relevance for the larger research project.

Multimodal Prize ($50):
“Blog on Nutrition and Dietetics”
Ashley Outman
ENG 104—Liz Whiteacre
This blog contains entries about nutrition and dietetics, discussing information from a variety of sources useful for BSU students.

Honorable Mentions:
“The Motivation for Life Itself”
Jessika Zachary
ENG 104—Andrew Scott
This argumentative paper incorporates Spiderman, psychology research, and a personal interview.

“Carlos Salzedo: Pushing the Limits of Harp Music, Technique, and Methodology”
Kiersten Alcorn
ENG 114—Geri Strecker
This is a presentation of the work of Carlos Salzedo and his contributions to the harp community.

“Derailed Expectations: Railroad Imagery in African American Culture and ‘King of the Bingo Game'”
Lauren Birkey
ENG 114—Geri Strecker
This original critical analysis recognizes an overlap of railroad imagery in literature and history.