Check out our latest installment of the “Good News” series—a series to highlight the accomplishments of the English Department’s graduate students and faculty. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

In October, Victoria Barrett’s press, Engine Books, published Other Heartbreaks by Patricia Henley that was featured in this month’s O, The Oprah Magazine. (And of course its author, Patricia Henley, was here recently to read.)  The press has also released another title, ECHOLOCATION by Myfanwy Collins, this month.

Adam R. Beach’s article “African Slaves, English Slave Narratives, and Early-Modern Morocco” was accepted for publication in Eighteenth-Century Studies.

Last October, graduate student Diane Brooks presented “Diversity and Transformation through an Adult Learning Classroom” at the 2011 Diversity Research Symposium.

Brooks also presented “Ridding Your Middle School Classroom of the Cheesy-grin Syndrome” at the INTESOL Conference last November.

Graduate Student, Jiutian Cai’s work, “Development of Vocabulary Use in ESL Composition” was published by INTESOL Journal 8.

Cai also presented with Alison Fecher and Hideki Goya at the 2011 INTESOL Conference on “The Development of Vocabulary Use in ESL Composition.”

Cai will receive the Indiana State Teachers License and Indiana State Chinese Teachers License after graduating in July 2012.

Elizabeth Dalton’s creative nonfiction work, “Magna Mater,” has been accepted for publication in Goddard College’s literary journal, Clockhouse Review. In addition, she and Jim Ruebel are leading an Honors field study to Rome and Florence in May.

Graduate student Tiffany Ellis presented “Collaborative Technology In Time of Change” at INTESOL in Indianapolis last November.

Graduate student, Theresa Evans will be presenting “The Persuasion of Many in a Moderate Amount of Time: Robert of Baservorn in Advertising” at the 2012 Rhetoric Society of America Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 2012.

Evans also presented “Convergence 1.0: The Rise of Multimodality in the Industrial Age,” at More Than Words Can Say: A Conference on Multimodal Composition at Wright State University, in Dayton, Ohio last April.

Graduate student Josh Flynn’s works “Memories of an MVP” and “Heartbreaker” were published in the September 2011 and June 2011 issues of SLAM Magazine respectively.

Another one of Flynn’s works titled “Moving On” was published in Punchnel’s on November 8th 2011.

Graduate student, Hideki Goya’s work, “Review of James Milton, Measuring Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition,” was accepted for publication in Reading in a Foreign Language.

Goya’s work, “L2 Word Recognition: ESL Learner’s Parallel Development Adjustment for a Parsimonious Decoding” appeared in the SELT Okinawa Review.

Joyce Huff presented “Vicky’s Knickers: Sizeism, ‘Progress,’ and the Auction of Queen Victoria’s Bloomers” to the Fat Studies Area of The Popular Culture Association’s annual conference in April.

Sean Lovelace’s flash fiction piece “The Hippopotami” recently appeared in Juked magazine.

Also, his flash fiction pieces “Velveeta Childhood,” “The Velveeta Naturalist,” and “From ‘Obliterating Velveeta with Explosives,’ a Pamphlet Issued by the Recreation and Sanitation Program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services” appeared in la Granada Magazine.

Lovelace’s flash fiction “Marital Dispute (with Diorama)” and “While Listing” appeared in NANO Fiction’s 10 year anniversary issue.

Lastly, his flash fiction “Moratorium” appeared in a new anthology, Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash Fiction, whichwas published by PS Books, Philadelphia, PA.

Miranda Nesler has accepted an appointment to the Inaugural Convocation of Supporters for the TCU Honors College.

Her article “Closeted Authority in the Tragedy of Mariam” will appear this May in Studies in English Literature.

She was awarded a grant to participate in the Mellon Foundation’s Newberry Library-University of Warwick Project on Paratexts.

Nesler’s paper “Actaeon on Trial: Ovidian Hybridity and Animal Trials in Titus Andronicus” has been accepted to a 2012 MLA panel on Ovidian Shakespeare

Lastly she will be sharing her paper “Educational Disruption: The Taming of the Shrew and The Tamer Tamed” at the Shakespeare Association meeting this spring

Craig O’Hara’s story “City of Diseases” won third place in the Monkey Puzzle Press’s 3rd Annual Flash Fiction Contest and will be published in the upcoming issue of Monkey Puzzle Magazine. For more information or to order a copy, see their website.

Craig will also be reading his story “Rodent Town” from the recently-published anthology Altered States as part of the The Writers’ Center of Indiana and the Indy Underground Reading Series. The event took place on April 25th at the Irving Theater in Indianapolis.

Graduate student, Katharina Pabst presented “Eine marchenhafte Uterrichtsreihe rund um die Gebruder Grimm” at the Indiana Foreign Language Teacher Association at the Sheraton Hotel in Indianapolis, IN for the association’s conference last October.

At the same conference, Pabst also presented “Between Self-Portrayal and Catastrophe: Pliny the Younger’s Vesuvius Letters in the Foreign Language Classroom.”

She also presented “Screenwriting in the Foreign Language Classroom” at Ball State University’s Intensive English Institute, Muncie, IN last November.

Martha J. Payne, presented “Percy Jackson and the Classical Myth Professor” on March 30,  2012 at 108th Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West in South Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Elizabeth Riddle and Mai Kuha presented “The Interpretation of Nonliteral Language: Cognitive Factors in Individual Variation” at the Sources of Individual Linguistic Differences conference in Ottawa, Ontario on March 4.

Graduate student Angela Marie Schuricht presented in February with Randal Liehcty “Strange Bedfellows: Coupling Math and English in Developmental Cohorts” at the National Association for Developmental Education 2012 Conference in Coronado Springs, Florida.

Andrew Scott’s book, Naked Summer: Stories, was recognized as a notable collection by the Story Prize.

He has agreed to terms with Press 53 to edit an anthology of short stories titled 24 Bar Blues: Two Dozen Tales of Bars, Booze, and the Blues, which will make its debut in early 2013.

Also, he moderated a discussion titled “The Hollywood Stint: Prose Writers and Writing for the Screen,” which featured panelists Tom Chiarella, Douglas Light, Owen King, and John McNally, at the recent AWP conference in Chicago. Scott was also was invited to speak to a Fiction Writers and Publishing course at Columbia College in Chicago about his book, publishing, editing, writing book reviews, and literary citizenship.

Last October, graduate student Thomas St. Pierre, presented “Influence of Semantic Contrast in Acquisition of Synforms” at the Second Language Research Forum at Iowa State University in Arnes, Iowa.