People in every walk of life, in every kind of work, and at every age write more than ever before for personal, professional, and civic purposes. New technologies expand the possibilities for composing in multiple media and for speaking to wider audiences, and at a faster pace, than ever before in our history. Join the Ball State Writing Center in an all day series of events as they help to celebrate this national day of recognition.

In light of the significance of writing in our national life, NCTE established October 20 as The National Day on Writing to draw attention to the remarkable variety of writing we engage in, and to help writers from all walks of life recognize how important writing is to their lives.  The National Day on Writing points to the importance of writing instruction and practice at every grade level, for every student and in every subject area from preschool through university. It emphasizes the lifelong process of learning to write and composing for different audiences, purposes, and occasions. And it encourages Americans to write and enjoy and learn from the writing of others.

Be sure to join the Ball State University Writing Center as they bring the National Day on Writing to campus on October 20. For further resources and tips about this day, see the National Council of Teachers of English website. For any questions about BSU’s event celebrating this day, feel free to contact Jennifer Cover or the Ball State Writing Center.